Investpro Limited is a full-service Investment Banking and Financial Consultancy firm with over 25 years’ experience. Since its establishment, this firm has been at the forefront of Investment Banking, Structured and Syndicated Financing, and raising medium to long term debt and equity for medium to large scale companies operating in Ghana and the West African Sub-Region. Investpro Limited has raised over US$100M through Private Placements and issuance of Bonds for its diverse and numerous clients.

Our firm is built on a solid foundation of industry knowledge and technical competence, which blends with expertise.

We constantly employ modern technology for improved service delivery, while developing internal systems that enhance the experience and satisfaction of our clients. Every challenge has its own unique attributes. At Investpro Limited, we have developed a methodology that ensures flexibility in work design but standardization in the requisite steps for project success.

At Investpro Limited, you will encounter dedicated workers who have spent years mastering the skills needed to attain and deliver the highest level of excellence in their areas of expertise. Working as a team, we will join hands with you to address your company’s unique challenges, find the least cost and effective way of raising financing to reshape your company, and position your company to discover its true potential.


To work towards “Exceeding Client Expectations” by offering world class Investment and Project Management Services and be the preferred choice of our clients.

We are committed to empower our clients by providing and delivering the best investment solutions, products and execution based on trust and transparency. We also deliver value through the provision of sound environmentally friendly Project Management services, we are committed to ensuring the highest ethical standards are adhered to by our team in implementing all projects.

In line with our value for excellence, we are fully committed to put the full range of our resources and expertise to use in the execution of every project undertaken and investment portfolio managed.

To be recognized as a leading Investment Banking and Financial Solutions firm in raising medium to long term capital and providing financial solutions to resolve the challenges of the African continent’s business and development challenges.


We are experts with the right attitude towards work and place the needs of our clients first.

Ethical Standards
We work to achieve the highest standards and focus on delivering value to our clients in line with global best practices.

We remain dependable, trustworthy and always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We deliver efficient and innovative solutions that are tailor made to resolve your company’s unique challenges and offer value that is fit for purpose.


To ensure fairness, we operate in an ethical way that breeds mutual respect, and transparency to our clients to engender a sustainable relationship.


  • African Development Bank
  • Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Bank of Ghana
  • Citi Savings & Loans Company Limited
  • Divestiture Implementation Committee
  • Empretec Ghana Limited
  • First National Mortgage Bank
  • Integrated Properties Limited
  • Labour Enterprises Trust Limited
  • Ministry of Finance – Government of Ghana
  • Ministry of Communications – Government of Ghana
  • PBL Properties Limited
  • Prudential Bank Limited
  • Unibank Ghana Limited
  • Ghana Shippers’ Council
  • Goil Company Limited
  • CDH Financial Services Limited
  • Star Assurance Limited
  • Total Ghana Limited


  • Successful conducted a Financial and Management review of the operations of all the 115 rural and community banks in Ghana as part of African Development Bank funded project. Concluded the assignment by developing a Strategic Business Plan with a financing plan for the capitalization of all the


  • Successfully concluded consultancy services for African Development Bank, Citi Savings & Loans Company Limited, Divestiture Implementation Committee, Empretec Ghana Limited, First National Mortgage Bank, Integrated Properties Limited, Labour Enterprises Trust Limited, Ministry of Finance – Government of Ghana, Ministry of Communications – Government of Ghana, PBL Properties Limited, Prudential Bank Limited, Unibank Ghana Limited, Ghana Shippers’ Council, World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat and Agricultural Development Bank.

Citi Savings and Loans Limited

Western Telecommunications Corporation

Prudential Bank

Nature of Activities




Nature of Assignment

Successful sale and transfer of share rights of Citi Savings and Loans Company to a strategic investor. Assignment required operational and financial due diligence, valuation, technical documentation and investment advisory services.

Sale of 90% common shares of a Citi Savings and Loans Company Limited to a Strategic Investor.

Operational and Financial Due Diligence, Valuation, Technical Documentation and Investment Advisory Services.

Lead Manager and Technical Advisor for all aspects of the work leading to the sale and transfer of Share Rights.

Valuation, due diligence, technical advisory, evaluation of bids, review and scoring of both technical and financial proposals, writing of evaluation reports, coordination with all stakeholders on all aspects of the sale of 66 2/3% Government of Ghana shares in Western Telecommunications Corporation (Westel) to Zain Telecommunications.

Co-Manager and Technical Advisor on the valuation, due diligence, technical advisory, evaluation of Bids, review and scoring of both technical and financial proposals, writing of evaluation reports, coordination with all stakeholders on all aspects of the sale of 66 2/3% Government of Ghana shares in Western Telecommunications Corporation (“Westel”) to Zain Telecommunications.

Successfully managed the corporate finance tasks, structured the financing, technical documentation, placement and coordinated the work of other professionals in raising over ¢65 billion (GHS 6.5 million) in debt and equity instruments for Prudential Bank Limited.

Preparation, documentation and technical advisory, and preparation of Memorandum for Private Placement and Issuance of the following Bonds for Prudential Bank Limited.

GH¢5 Billion (GHS 500,000.00) Export Finance Bonds - GH¢6 Billion (GHS 600,000.00) Property Development Bonds – GH¢5.5 Billion (GHS 550,000.00) Property Development Bonds - GH¢20 Billion (GHS 2 Billion) Property Development Bonds – GH¢30 Billion (GHS 3 Billion) Export Finance Bonds.

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